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  • Unique original design from Niuniu Daddy:Our designer designed theses stuffed animals based on fox. Its fluffy fur makes children feel happy when play with it. This cute plushies is a great gift for anyone in your life who loves foxes and it will surely bring a smile to anyone!
  • This is a more realistic looking fox. This plush fox has soft fur and is comfortable to touch. Your child or friends can't deny it's cuteness and the urge to touch it's soft fur and feeling fingers get lost in its comfort. This fox stuffed toy is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to own or gift a soft, plush, and cuddly toy to your loved ones!
  • This cute fox plushie will entice your child to sleep independently as they now have a fur friend in the bed with them to hug or nestle into.
  • Portable: These plush animals are adorable, calming, and easy to use at home, school, or on the go.
  • About 20 inches, 3.0lbs. This plush animal helps manage stress and its body size is great for cuddling. The fox plushies will feel heavier in your kid's arms, providing a sense of security and offer comfort for your child when hug tight at night or in times of need.